About Us

The Bureau of Recreation and Conservation (BRC) within DCNR builds connections between the citizens and the outdoors through recreation enhancement, natural resources conservation and community revitalization efforts.  BRC partners with communities and organizations across Pennsylvania to provide grants and technical assistance support for local recreation projects, trails and greenways, heritage parks, open space and river conservation, and environmental education programs.  Recently the Bureau reorganized and are focusing more on the public needs.  Click here to read the article.  If you would like a downloadable brc fact sheet/bureau brochure please click here.

Our Bureau's Mission
To be a leader in establishing community conservation partnerships for advancing the greening of Pennsylvania, for protecting the commonwealth’s natural and heritage resources, and for providing recreational opportunities for all Pennsylvanians and visitors to enjoy.

Who We REALLY Are 

We are dedicated Recreation and Park Professionals; Environmental, Urban, and Regional Planners; Conservation and Heritage Area Specialists; Environmental Managers; Public Administrators; Landscape Architects and Administrative Support Staff.


What We Do

The Bureau of Recreation and Conservation (BRC) within DCNR works to assure that connections between natural resource conservation and community revitalization and between the citizens and the outdoors are realized. BRC partners with communities and organizations across Pennsylvania to provide grants and technical assistance support for local recreation projects, trails and greenways, regional heritage parks, open space protection, river conservation and environmental education programs.
What We Know
the natural, heritage and recreational resources connected to a community contribute significantly to the quality of life for its citizens;
the economy and health of our communities and citizens are directly tied to the availability of recreational and outdoor opportunities and open spaces;
a lack of planning, lack of connection to nature and parks and lack of coordinated government services contribute to the decline of our communities and health of their citizens;
citizens who appreciate the outdoors and have access to recreational opportunities, creeks, trails and paths are more likely to make choices that will protect the State’s natural resources; and
the long-term sustainability of Pennsylvania’s natural resources is in the hands of local communities, as only a small percentage of the state’s lands and waters are owned by DCNR.
What We Value
being a partner with local communities, counties, land trusts and non-profit organizations to protect and enhance Pennsylvania’s natural resources and help build attractive, sustainable communities.
connecting people to the places they love.
helping communities appreciate our natural resources by encouraging them to incorporate green principles and native landscaping through increasing biodiversity, planting trees, using green design
in buildings, protecting riparian areas, protecting wetlands and managing stormwater naturally, and incorporating alternative small-scale energy sources into their projects.
supporting projects that provide accessible, safe, close-to-home recreation facilities, trail systems that provide places to walk, bike and experience nature, protect critical habitat and cultural landscapes, and provide public access to our rivers so they become “front doors” to vibrant, livable communities.
helping communities manage their growth, reduce the loss of open space and develop tools that will
support responsible stewardship of our natural resources.
being responsive to community conservation needs and providing technical assistance, guidance and resource contacts that are timely and efficient in meeting those needs.