Promoting a network of greenways throughout the Commonwealth.



Greenway Program

DCNR and its many partners will develop an outstanding network of greenways across the Commonwealth, creating an asset highly valued by Pennsylvanians and enhancing the quality of life for all.


County Greenway Plans

County greenway and open space network plans serve as the building block to establishing a network of greenways across the Commonwealth. Check the status of your County’s greenway plan and access completed plans here.



PA Major Greenways Map 

Major Corridors are long-distance corridors (at least 50 miles long) that pass through two or more counties and are recognized in official planning documents by counties. They represent the major “arteries” of the developing statewide greenway system. Counties recognize these Major Corridors in their greenway plans and develop a county-wide greenway network vision that links to the larger statewide network. The result: a statewide network of greenways.


The Commonwealth’s statewide greenways action plan sets the direction for the greenways program to establish a statewide network of greenways, and a greenway in every local community by 2020.