Rivers Resource Program


Rivers Conservation

The Pa. Rivers Conservation Program has been developed to conserve and enhance river resources through preparation and accomplishment of locally initiated plans.  The program provides technical and financial assistance to municipalities and river support groups to carry out planning, implementation, acquisition and development activities. A registry is established to recognize local river conservation efforts. Six components are used to carry out these functions.


Water Trails and Trails

Water trails are boat routes suitable for canoes, kayaks and small motorized watercraft. Like conventional trails, water trails are recreational corridors between specific locations.

ExplorePAtrails is a web portal for sharing and exploring PA trails information.  The website has an interactive map, driving directions, a forum for updating trails information, and a place where people can upload reviews and share stories about their favorite trails.



PA Sojourns

An extended educational canoeing (or kayaking) expedition for individuals and families that raises awareness about the waterway being traveled; an on the water celebration of a river.


Cold Water Heritage Partnerships (CHP) Grants

CHP grant is to prepare an assessment that summarizes the values and potential threats to the health of a coldwater ecosystem.



River of the Year

The River of the year celebrates conservation successes along its course, highlights the natural, cultural, and economic values it provides.