Resources and Technical Assistance

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Grantee Communications Kit

The Grantee Communications Kit contains suggestions and materials to assist you and/or your public relations staff in alerting the press about your grant award.


Funding Resources

The following financial resources are available to help guide you to recreation and conservation related funding.



Greening Parks and Sustainable Practices

The DCNR Bureau of Recreation and Conservation is a strong proponent of green/sustainable parks, trails, recreation facilities and conservation areas.


Sample Plans

Sample Plans


Autumn leaves are reflected in a lake at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania.

Park and Open Space Stewardship

Protecting Pennsylvania's Recreation and Conservation Investments



ADA Resources

ADA Resource Reference Materials




C2P2 Guidance Documents

General Grant Program Instructions and Guidance Documents


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Oil & Gas Guidance

Thinking about oil and gas development on your park/open space?


Sign Templates

DCNR recommended sign templates for grantees to use for signage.




COSTARS is Pennsylvania's cooperative purchasing program, a service provided by the Department of General Services (DGS) for Local Public Procurement Units within Pennsylvania.  Local Public Procurement Units can participate in those contracts for supplies and services made available by DGS.

Attention: Please click here to view the Clarification of "Istallation" when applicable as an Ancillary Service.


Recreational Use of Land and Water Act

Pennsylvania's Recreational Use of Land and Water Act limits the liability, resulting from personal injury or property damage, of landowners who make their land available to the public for recreation free of charge.



BRC Field and Court
Orientation Guide


The orientations provided in this guide are intended to minimize the impact of sun on the participants in the activity.