Sample Plans


Comprehensive Recreation, Park and Open Space and Greenway Plans

Comprehensive Recreation, Park and Opens Space and Greenway Plans are in-depth studies that focus on developing and improving municipal recreation and parks programs, services, facilities and natural resources.


Land Conservation and Stewardship Plans

Land Conservation and Stewardship Plans are in-depth site specific studies that focus on preservation and management of natural lands.



Network Greenways and Trail Plans

Network Greenways and Trail Plans are municipal, or regional based plans that identify a greenway/trail network, highlight opportunities for connections beyond the study area’s borders, and provide a context for more local and detailed greenway trail/planning.


Trail Plans

Trail Plans can be a feasibility study and/or master plan that target a specific land corridor. These studies lead to acquisition, rehabilitation or development of recreational, aesthetic, alternate transportation or environmental educational opportunities to both motorized and non-motorized users of all ages and abilities.



Master Site Development Plans

Master Site Development Plans are site-specific studies that lead to development or redevelopment of a park or other recreational-use site. The final narrative report includes: site information and analysis, analysis of activities, facilities, maintenance, operations and a site development drawing.


Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies are in-depth studies to determine community support, market characteristics, physical/structural assessment and the legal and financial capability to acquire, develop or rehabilitate, manage and sustain an existing or new recreation or park facility such as a swimming pool or indoor recreation/environmental center.



Rivers Conservation Plans

Rivers Conservation Plans are in-depth studies that lead to the development of a long-term watershed or river corridor management program.