Recreation and Conservation Interactive Map Resources


C2P2 Grant Investments

An interactive mapping tool for recreation and conservation grants awarded dating back to 1995. This mapping tool provides users with the ability to search via a variety of mechanisms (year, county, conservation landscapes, funding source, etc.) and generate maps and project lists.


Interactive Map

Interactive map for State C2P2 Grant Acquisitions and Federal LWCF Acquisitions funded by DCNR and administered through the Bureau of Recreation and Conservation.



Explore PA Local Parks

Being well, having fun, and strengthening our communities are some of the ways that local parks and recreation enhance the lives of all Pennsylvanians. It’s good for you. It’s good for all. We welcome you to start finding some good of your own. Use our site to stay connected and to find local parks in PA. The NEW interactive map has more than 5,600 local parks go-to destinations for Pennsylvanians.



Explore Pennsylvania's first interactive trails website "powered by you", login today and write a review of a trail, upload pictures or plan your next trail adventure.



PA Green Community Park Story Map

Recreation and Conservation is a strong proponent of green/sustainable parks, trails, recreation facilities and conservation areas. The sites identified on this map represent a selection of community parks across Pennsylvania that have incorporated best practices in green and sustainable design, operations and maintenance. The map also lists parks that have been nominated and selected for the annual DCNR/PRPS Green Park Award.


Featured Grant Projects
Story Map

DCNR provides grant funding for local conservation and recreation projects with funding from a variety of sources. This map shows some of the many project examples of the two most significant sources: Growing Greener and Keystone.