About Conservation Landscapes


Map of Regions

A map of the seven Conservation Landscapes is available.


Conservation Landscapes Report

Read a 20-page report that summarizes recent evaluations of the Conservation Landscapes work, or a short fact sheet on the top 2010 accomplishments.


Conservation Landscapes video

Watch how Pennsylvania's landscape regions have come together to conserve our natural resources.


These areas are identifying values at a landscape scale, revitalizing communities, and engaging local and regional partners in conservation and economic development. Founded on the regions’ sense of place and resource values, Conservation Landscapes motivate citizens and elected officials to take on the challenge of effective land use planning, investment, civic engagement and revitalization.

Driven by the values of conservation, sustainability and community revitalization, some of the ingredients that make a community or region ready to consider this kind of strategic collaborative approach include:

  • Presence of DCNR-owned lands – large blocks of state parks and forests provide the foundation for the landscape and a staffing presence that can help guide the initiative
  • Sense of Place - regions with a sense of place and identity - many cases based on shared landscape not political boundaries
  • Readiness -  made more ready by opportunity or threats -- changes in the economic base, depopulation, or sprawl
  • Engagement - Civic engagement process that brings people of the region together to identify common values and concerns.
  • Strategic Investments – State agencies with regional and statewide partners provide high-level leadership, financial support and technical assistance to build better communities, to conserve identified values and to invest in "sustainable" economic development.  Partnerships with state agencies and other statewide organizations are necessary to frame and incentivize the process.