South Mountain



A fact sheet on South Mountain provides a good summary of the efforts to enhance and protect the region, as does this fact sheet on 2015 accomplishments, outlining the good work being done in the region.


The South Mountain Conservation Landscape aims to encourage and promote the further appreciation and protection of the intrinsic geographic, geologic, biologic, natural, agricultural and heritage resources and values of the South Mountain Landscape and the important connection these have to the quality of life and place in the region.

South Mountain is a timeless treasure of natural, aesthetic, historic, cultural, community, agricultural and recreational resources in southcentral Pennsylvania. The large, linear corridor spans six to seven miles wide and extends about 40 miles in a northeast to southwest direction connecting Adams, Cumberland, Franklin and York counties. Within the area are three cluster areas of special places: Whiskey Springs, Antietam Creek Watershed and East Mountain Faces.

The goals of this region are to:oecp-photo-cli-southmountain2

  • advance land acquisition and protection in the South Mountain area
  • improve the effectiveness of land use planning and regulation in the area
  • enhance education, communication and information sharing and the public recognition, concern and interest in protecting the South Mountain area


For more information about the South Mountain Conservation Landscape, visit, or contact Mike Eschenmann at DCNR at (717) 783-2360 or, or Jon Peterson at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy at (717) 258-5771 or