Mission & Vision

What is a sustainable landscape?

Sustainability occurs when a balance is achieved between adequately providing for human needs and protecting all other forms of life and natural resources, both and now and into the future. A landscape is comprised of the visible features of an area including natural physical elements such as mountains, living elements of plants and animals, and human-made elements like buildings. A sustainable landscape, therefore, is one where a balance between the natural and built world is achieved, sustained and valued.


Why are sustainable landscapes important?

1.      Economic prosperity depends on good stewardship practices
2.      A healthy environment is essential to the physical and emotional well being (quality of life) of all life forms
3.      We all have a personal responsibility to be good stewards of the natural world so that we can pass a healthy world on to future generations
These are commonly known as the Three Es of Sustainability: economy, ecology and equity

Mission of the Sustainable Lands Program

To work with local non-profits, municipal officials, businesses and other interested parties to make sure both public and private lands are designed and maintained in an environmentally-friendly and cost effective manner. We will accomplish this mission by:
Providing educational conferences and bus tours that show practical, hands-on ways to design and manage lands
Create free books, factsheets and model ordinances that anyone can use to guide their landscape planning process from start to finish
Create a network of land managers, government officials and conservationists across the state to promote the sharing of ideas and sustainability principles


Vision of the Sustainable Lands Program

To make Pennsylvania the role model for land management and design practices that create harmony between natural resource conservation and quality of life. We envision a future where environmental equity – a clean environment and access to greenspace for all – is commonplace, to the benefit of local businesses, schools, governments and residents.