For the past 6 years, the Wild Resource Conservation Program has been introducing the public to scientists through our Wild Resource Festivals.  We also have hosted a symposium, climate change adaptation conference, holiday merchandise sales and other public events.  Check back again soon for new, upcoming events.



Point State Park - 2011

Dozens of local organizations had games, displays and live critters to see and interact with.  Click here to see photos from this event.



Presque Isle State Park - 2008 and 2010

See images from the two festivals held at Presque Isle.




Moraine State Park - 2007

Check out photos from this festival north of Pittsburgh.


French Creek State Park - 2006 and 2007

Many great acitivites took place at this festival. Click here to see some photos.


Dark evergreen trees contrast with a mountain orange with fall foliage at Cowans Gap State Park Pennsylvania.


Bald Eagle State Park - 2005

Our first festival was held at Bald Eagle. Check out the photos.