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Cosmo's World

Join Cosmo the flying squirrel and Terra the river otter as they learn about Pennsylvania’s biodiversity, invasive species, endangered species, climate change, sustainable agriculture, energy and water. The first four of these short videos won a local Emmy in 2009!  The other four won another local Emmy in 2012!  Standards-based teacher tools that accompany the videos are also available on the site.




This activity-based curriculum teaches 4th to 8th graders about invasive species and provides standards-based opportunities for indoor and outdoor experiential learning.





WRCP collaborates with partners throughout the state to create entertaining and educational publications for children and adults.




WRCP has produced a variety of educational short films about the special species and habitats of Pennsylvania, some of which are available on our YouTube site.  Check them out!


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WRCP holds festivals and symposia to educate the public about the wealth of non-game wildlife, plants and habitats in Pennsylvania.  See photos from these events here.