Trees & Forests


Planting Trees

Trees clean our air and water, shade our homes, capture harmful carbon dioxide, and beautify our landscapes. Pennsylvania’s TreeVitalize program aims to plant 1 million trees in major population areas by 2012. Get involved today!


Managing the Forests

DCNR manages its 2.2 million acres of state forests lands for the multiple values these forests provide to citizens. The state forests are one of the largest certified forests in the country for standards of environmental excellence. DCNR’s service foresters also help private landowners manages their tracts of lands, since the future of our forests also are dependant on these more than 5,000 landowners. Learn more.



Deer and Our Forests

The white-tailed deer is the one species that can have the greatest impact on the future of Pennsylvania’s forests. DCNR closely manages the 2.2 million acres of state forests for the long-term sustainability of the forests and the deer.


Threats and Diseases

Our forests are under a constant state of attack. These facts sheets provide the basics on the most threatening pests. Of particular concern is the hemlock woolly adelgid, which is killing the state tree; the gypsy moth, which strips hillsides each summer; the emerald ash borer, a new, but deadly threat.



Wildfire Prevention

As Smokey says, Only You Can Prevent Wildfires. Learn more about how you can protect yourself, your property and our woodlands from fire destruction, including burn bans for your county.