Green Ribbon Task Force

Pennsylvania's 17 million acres of forestland provide critical values to society, such as clean water, recreation opportunities, plant and animal habitat, and raw materials for a long-established forest products industry. In recent decades, numerous factors, including changing land-use patterns, declines in forest health, and the economic recession have begun to threaten forest-related values and reduce the number of forest-based jobs.

The Green Ribbon Task Force will convene experts from private industry, academia, marketing, forest science, economic and workforce development and related disciplines to analyze current limitations to forest conservation and job growth and to develop an action plan to address both objectives. This short-term infusion of multi-disciplinary expertise can help shape new directions and provide an example of government that works and jobs that pay.


In the News
Final Report of the Green Ribbon Task Force
Governor Wolf Commends Task Force to Maximize Job Creation in Pennsylvania Forest Products Industry
Governor Wolf announces task force to maximize job creation in Pennsylvania forest products industry (1/7/16)


Task Force Schedule (tentative).
Workgroups' Charge


Previous Meetings
January 7, 2016
  "State of the Forest" presentation
  "Pa.'s Hardwood Industry" presentation
  "Sustaining Pa.'s Private Forests" presentation
February 4, 2016
  "Pa. SFI Implementation Committee" presentation
  "The Forest Industry...An Educational Perspective" presentation
  "Staffing Patterns, Lumber and Wood Products in Pa. 2015-2025" spreadsheet
  "Top 50 Occupations, Lumber and Wood Products in Pa. 2005-2015" spreadsheet
  "Top 50 Occupations, Lumber and Wood Products in Pa. 2015-2025" spreadsheet
  Becoming Makers & Manufacturers Again (summary)
  Becoming Makers & Manufacturers Again
March 3, 2016
  Developing Forest Products in the PA Wilds
April 5, 2016
May 3, 2016
  Forest Carbon: Opportunities and Challenges
  Comprehensive Issues List
June 7, 2016
  Pennsylvania Hardwood Development Council



Recommended Background Publications
  2010 Private Forest Landowner Survey Summary
   - A Mixed-Methods Study of Parcelization and Pennsylvania’s Private Forests
   - Landowner Survey Supplement – Gender, Values, and Behaviors
   - Landowner Survey Supplement – Marcellus Region
   - Landowner Survey Supplement – Regional Variation
  Penn's Woods: Saving our Forests
  Pennsylvania Statewide Forest Resource Assessment
  Pennsylvania Forest Strategies
  Pennsylvania State Forest Resource Management Plan (Draft)
  The State of Chesapeake Forests (38 MBs)
  Forests of the Northern United States (66 MBs)
  Pa. Woodland Stewardship: Working Forests for today and tomorrow
  Results of the Hardwoods Development Council Fall Forum (11/14/13)
  Economic Impact and Timber Requirements of the Wood Industry in Pennsylvania
  The Global Position of the U.S. Forest Products Industry
  Size and Economic Impact of Pennsylvania's Wood Products Industry
  Sustaining Pennsylvania's Hardwoods Industry: An Action Plan
  International and Domestic Outlook for the Hardwood Industry
  Factors and Trends in Pennsylvania's Logging Industry
Forest Products
  Becoming Makers and Manufacturers Again
  Pennsylvania Timber Product Output Survey 2015
  Wood Energy in Developed Economies: An Overlooked Renewable


Member-Suggested Readings
  Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel
  The Furniture Wars: How America Lost a 50 Billion Dollar Industry by Michael Dugan
  Factory Man: How One Furniture Maker Battled Offshoring, Stayed Local – and Helped Save an American Town by Beth Macy
  Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Explain Everything About the World by Tim Marshall


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