Bureau of Administrative Services

Pamela J. Pasi, Director

7th Floor, Rachel Carson State Office Building
P.O. Box 8769
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8769
Phone: (717) 787-2362
Fax: (717) 787-8624


Our Bureau's Mission

To provide administrative support and services to all those who seek our assistance, both internal and external to the agency.



  • Administrative Officers
  • Administrative Assistants
  • Budget Analysts
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Cartographers
  • Radio Engineers
  • Telecommunication Specialists
  • Administrative Support Staff


Services We Provide

Office Services
Contact: Louis Venneri, (717) 783-3751
This division provides comprehensive administrative services that support central office and field program areas. These services include: the management of department vehicles, leases, and parking; the telecommunications and radio communications teams; the Snowmobile/ATV licensing program; and cartographic assistance. Also, as a liaison with the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), this division maximizes service delivery in those areas of support provided by DEP, such as the warehouse, mail services, graphics, printing, and document processing.

Equipment Management
Contact: Don Rife  (717) 772-1532
This section maintains a pool of vehicles for use by Central Office Personnel, assists in the acquisition of property from other agencies, controls the release of property surplus to DCNR needs, and accounts for property through the recording of all equipment that meets the asset inventory item cost rule. This section also provides support in the acquisition, distribution, maintenance, operation, and replacement of DCNR's 2,500 unit vehicle fleet.

Radio Communications
Contact: Jim Kleeman, (717) 787-2552
This section provides comprehensive radio communications support to all program areas of the DCNR. Upon request, assistance and support is also provided to other state agencies, local governments, and other entities associated with public safety radio and DCNR.

The support provided encompasses: technical assistance; purchasing needs and guidelines; providing communications and radio equipment for all DCNR-related special events and emergencies; maintenance contract-related issues; radio outage and interference issues; radio tower issues; frequency use requests; 800 MHz radio system liaison; and any other general radio-related questions.

Contact: Tony Gonzalez, (717) 787-5415
This section provides telecommunication support services to all areas of the agency. All voice communication services are handled here, including land line and cellular service requests (both phone and BlackBerry).

Snowmobile/ATV Licensing
Contact: Kevin Fisher, (866) 545-2476
This section is responsible for the department's snowmobile and ATV registration and titling program.

Contact: Max Bettio, (717) 772-4763
This section supports both DCNR and DEP by preparing various types of maps and drawings to be used in-house and by the general public.

Procurement and Supply
Contact: Michelle Flynn, (717) 783-5885
This division provides management, guidance, and training associated with the procurement of services, supplies, equipment, and non-construction contracts to ensure that they are being procured in accordance with Commonwealth Procurement Policy and Procedure. Other responsibilities include the management of the following programs: Minority & Women Business Enterprise Program and Contractor Responsibility Program.

Fiscal Management
Contact: Danielle Beish, (717) 783-3348
This division provides a full range of fiscal and budgeting support, including: budget preparation; budget defense; re-budgeting; analyses, monitoring, and reporting; grants management; and audit coordination. This group also works to provide advice and counsel to executive and senior management on all fiscal matters.


Established Partnerships

  • Pa. Department of General Services
  • Pa. Office of Administration
  • Pa. Office of the Budget/Comptroller's Office
  • Pa. Department of Environmental Protection