State Parks

The 121 state parks in Pennsylvania cover roughly 300,000 acres. There is a state park within 25 miles of nearly every Pennsylvanian. Our state parks feature an array of recreational opportunities, provide a forum for multiple environmental education programs and conserve thousands of acres of unique natural areas, among many other features.



State forest lands comprise 2.2 million acres of "Penn's Woods." Pennsylvania's state forests provide an almost endless list of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, ATV and snowmobile riding, fishing and hunting. State forests also provide natural habitats for thousands of plant and animal species. Forestry personnel assist Pennsylvanians in wildlife, tree & plant life education, maintain the forests' health, and are ready to protect Pennsylvania against forest fires and pests.



Topographic & Geologic Survey

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey specializes in studying and analyzing the geologic heritage of Pennsylvania. Survey personnel map and provide information about topographical features throughout Pennsylvania, disseminate data regarding water, gas and oil wells, and monitor underground resources and events.


Recreation & Conservation

The Bureau of Recreation and Conservation awards millions of dollars in grants each year to help communities conserve natural and cultural resources, provide outdoor recreation, enhance tourism and foster economic development. Pennsylvania's twelve heritage areas, whose heritage tourism revolves around highlighting one or two industries, also are administered by the bureau.



Facility Design & Construction

Maintaining the infrastructure of DCNR is the job of Facility Design and Construction. The bureau's engineers design and manage construction projects for bridges, water and sewage systems, swimming pools, beach areas and dams in the state parks and forests. Through four regional offices, technical support is also given, and bids are taken every year for the completion of many building projects.


Human Resources

DCNR is supported by a professional staff of nearly 1,400 salaried and 1,300 seasonal employees. The Bureau of Human Resources is committed to providing high quality and timely human resource services that assure a high performing, diverse workforce that excels in achieving DCNR goals and objectives and serving commonwealth citizens.



Administrative Services

DCNR's Bureau of Administrative Services provides administrative support and services to all those who seek our assistance, both internal and external to the agency.