Facility Design & Construction


Alfred Uzokwe, P.E., Director

8th Floor, Rachel Carson State Office Building
P.O. Box 8451
Harrisburg, PA 17105-8769
Phone: (717) 787-7398
Fax: (717) 705-5549


Our Bureau's Mission

To provide multi-disciplined technical support to the other bureaus in DCNR in the areas of project design, project inspections, construction management, contract administration, surveying and other technical advice and consultation. 


• Civil Engineers
• Environmental Engineers
• Bridge Engineers
• Hydraulic Engineers
• Professional Geologists
• Mechanical Engineers
• Architectural Designers
• Landscape Designers
• Drafters
• Surveyors
• Real Estate Specialists
• Ecological Program Specialists
• Administrative Support Staff 

Services We Provide

We provide design and construction services and are comprised of two divisions: the Division of Design and the Division of Field Engineering.

Division of Design
Division of Design Chief: Ray Zomok, P.E. - (717) 783-3333
This division is responsible for the development of design drawings and specifications required to support the Department’s facility maintenance and construction program.  This division is comprised of five sections: Architectural Design, Landscape Design, Sanitary and Water Management, Civil Engineering Design and Bridges and Road Management.  In addition to project design, staff also provides engineering and technical support and advice to assist field operations in state parks and state forests.

Division of Field Engineering
Division of Field Engineering Chief: Al Thomas, Jr., P.E. - (717) 772-0650
This division is comprised of central office staff and four regions: the Northcentral Office in Emporium, the Western Office in Moraine State Park; the Southcentral Office in Shawnee State Park; and the Eastern Office in Nockamixon State Park.  Each office is responsible for providing direct engineering and technical support to the state parks’ and state forests’ field operations staff in the area.  Staff is responsible for project inspection and construction management to ensure contractor compliance with the construction contract documents.  They also develop project designs for projects in their area.

Engineering Field Offices:

• Northcentral Region Office
Contact: Gene Strick, P.E., (814) 486-5637, Ext. 300
• Western Region Office
Contact: John Jaskolka, P.E., (724) 865-7854
• Southcentral Region Office
Contact: Jim Ross, P.E., (814) 733-9123
• Eastern Region Office
Contact: Tony Giacobbe, P.E., (215) 453-5030

Land Records
Contact: John Timbrell, PLS, (717) 787-7398
This section is in the Division of Field Engineering and is home to the Bureau’s land surveyors. It provides topographic surveys to support the Department’s design and construction. Employees of this section also perform boundary surveys to support the land acquisition program and boundary maintenance program of the department.  In addition, they perform title searches and prepare deeds for land acquisition, advise private surveyors on surveys adjacent to DCNR lands, and review land patent requests for vacant or unappropriated land.

Established Partnerships

• Department of Environmental Protection (Regulatory and Regional Offices)
• PennDOT District Offices
• U.S. Army Corps of Engineers