General Information


  • Certified Minority/Woman's Business Enterprise
    The Department of General Services, Bureau of Contract Administration and Business Development (BCABD) maintains referrals of all businesses certified with the Commonwealth of PA along with providing assistance in completing any MBE/WBE solicitations (GSMWBE-16), and SERB (Socially and Economically Restricted Business) portions of RFPs (Request for Proposal). BCABD now provides quick access to certified MBE/WBE's electronically. Additional supplier and subcontractor firms may be accessed online at:

    To obtain an application and instruction guide for certification as a Minority/Women Business Enterprise, visit|

  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program
    The Department of Transportation provides electronic access to information about the Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Program (DBE). Eligible subcontractors and suppliers may be obtained by visiting

Prevailing Wages

  • If Prevailing Minimum Wages are applicable to a contract, the rates are included in the bid documents. Any questions concerning the Prevailing Minimum Wage should be addressed to the office or person listed at the top of the first page of the actual wage rates.



For all Technical and Administrative Questions, contact Sharon Enders at 717-783-3323 or email: