Shale Gas Monitoring

As part of its overarching goal of ensuring the sustainability of the Commonwealth’s forests, DCNR established a Shale-Gas Monitoring Program to monitor, evaluate, and report on the impacts of shale-gas development to the state forest system and its stakeholders. The program aims to provide objective and credible information to the public and inform and improve shale-gas management efforts.


Shale Gas Monitoring Report

Download DCNR's April 2014 full report (36 MB) or the executive summary. A copy of the full report without links (22 MB) will download faster. View the press release here.


The Shale Gas Monitoring Report - An Overview

Review a presentation given at the Natural Gas Advisory Committee's April 2014 meeting.


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Monitoring Report Survey

Let us know what you think of DCNR's first shale gas monitoring report and provide input for future monitoring efforts.

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Lease Tract Summary

The document represents an index to existing commonwealth oil and gas leases on state forest lands.


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Monitoring Data and Information

Download raw data and information related to DCNR’s shale gas monitoring efforts


Shale Gas Infrastructure Map

View oil/gas ownership, pipelines, pads, impoundments and more on State Forest land using this interactive map.