Public Streambeds Interactive Map

You can use this interactive map to find public streambeds throughout the Commonwealth. Simply zoom into the area you would like to view.

NOTE: The waterways identified herein as having publicly-owned streambeds have been compiled by the Commonwealth over time from various sources.  Identification is based upon information believed to be reliable and persuasive evidence of such ownership. The identification of a waterway as having a publicly-owned streambed herein is not intended to be a final determination that the waterway is navigable under state or federal law.  Moreover, other waterways not identified herein may be navigable under state or federal law, in which case their streambeds would also be publicly-owned.  The Commonwealth reserved the right to add or remove waterways identified as having publicly-owned streambeds as additional information becomes available.

Sources: Publicly-Owned Streambeds – PA DEP’s Lists of Stream Subject to the Submerged Lands License Program, 09/2003
Streams – USGS National Hydrography Dataset, 06/2005