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State Forest Timber Stumpage Sales

Find a complete listing of bid openings and recently awarded bids for timber stumpage sales on state forest land.


State Forest Research

DCNR encourages research on state forest land. Learn about the process and what is required. 




The Bureau of Forestry has legal authority to issue rights-of-way across state forest land. The bureau has developed criteria and procedures required to obtain a right-of-way agreement.


Leased Campsites

The Bureau of Forestry maintains 4,000 leased campsites throughout the state forest system. The bureau stopped issuing leases in 1970, but existing campsites are utilized by the public. Find out more about this program. 


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Pennsylvania Natural Heritage Inventory

PNDI provides information on the location and status of important ecological resources. The purpose is to provide current, reliable, objective information to help inform environmental decisions. PNDI information can be used to guide conservation work and land-use planning.


Organized and Commercial Activities

Group events and commercial activities are managed to minimize conflicts among State Forest users. Download a summary of user agreements issued by the Bureau.