Deer Hunter Registration

Hunter cooperation is needed as part of collaborative study with Pennsylvania Game Commission, DCNR, Pennsylvania State University, and the U.S. Geological Survey Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Study
Planning to hunt DCNR lands this year? If you are planning to hunt antlered OR antlerless deer in the areas below, please register prior to hunting.
Bald Eagle State Forest – DMAP Unit 2108
Rothrock State Forest – DMAP Units 1881, 1883, 2109 and 2110
Susquehannock State Forests – DMAP Units 2101 and 2102
To register, hunters should provide their CID number (i.e., 9 digit number on hunting license) and current address. Register by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
These DMAP Units are part of a large-scale research study.  This project is a joint effort of Pennsylvania Game Commission; DCNR; the Pennsylvania State University; and the U.S. Geological Survey Pennsylvania Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, and is designed to better understand the role of deer in forest regeneration and how deer and forest management activities affect deer hunting. For more information about this study please click here.
A critical part of this study is to understand hunting effort, hunter success rates, deer harvests, and hunter opinions and observations. After the hunting season, deer hunters will be mailed a survey to share their hunting success and experiences. Individual surveys will remain confidential. Only summary information will be provided as public information.
As part of this study, deer have been captured and fitted with satellite radio-transmitters or ear tags to monitor their movements, survival and harvest rates. Any deer on these areas can be harvested if a hunter possesses the appropriate license or permit. Hunters are asked to report their harvest of radio-collared or ear-tagged deer by calling the toll-free number printed on the tag or collar. There is no cash reward for harvesting a radio-collared deer.
 Your participation and cooperation is greatly appreciated! 
Click Here to Register.