2014 Available DMAP Permits and Maps

The list below shows available DMAP permits only for DMAP units in State Forests and State Parks. This page is updated every 7-14 days based on permit data received from the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC).

State Forest Boundary Tag 

State Forest boundaries are designated by white tree blazes and 5-inch metal tags marked "State Forest Boundary."   To download detailed maps of individual state forests, visit our "Find a Forest" page.  


For 2014, Presque Isle State Park (DMAP Unit No. 562) decided to distribute their DMAP coupons directly from the park this year. See the attached news release for details.

All other DMAP permits are obtained directly from the PGC's online Outdoor Shop. Because of this, DCNR does not know how many coupons are remaining for any DMAP area or when an area is "sold out" until we receive data from the PGC. The only way to know if permits remain for a particular DMAP area "right now" is to attempt to purchase one from the PGC.

The numbers of "Total Permits" listed for each unit are pending PGC approval. Permit sales are projected to begin in mid-June.

 Updated 11/24/2014