Deer Management Assistance Program


DMAP Frequently Asked Questions

DMAP helps DCNR manage state forests and parks and balance deer populations with habitat conditions.


Get a Tag

Want a DMAP tag? This page guides you through the process.


DMAP Interactive

2016 DMAP Areas and Interactive Map

Find out where you can apply for a DMAP tag with our new interactive map. For help reading the maps and finding places to hunt, check out our map guide


Permit Updates and Maps

Download simple maps and check the number of available permits for selected DMAP areas - updated weekly.
Review a list of gated state forest roads opened for hunting



Special Hunting Information

Special information for deer hunters on the Bald Eagle, Rothrock and Susquehannock state forests.


Harvest Data

Learn about DMAP statistics on state forests and parks.


sf-sm-Seth & Dad Weiser

Hunters Sharing the Harvest

Find out how to share your harvest with those in need.


Contact Us

Have a question about DMAP? Here is our contact information for the program.