Pennsylvania Envirothon

Hundreds of teachers and professionals throughout Pennsylvania guide high school students through this natural resource environmental education program that combines classroom learning and outdoor activities.  The exposure to nature and study of human impacts on the natural world provide invaluable lessons for understanding ecosystems and our environment. DCNR-Bureau of Forestry supports this program by providing resources and expertize for forestry topics.

To join this premier education program and access resources for forestry training visit the Pennsylvania Envirothon website.

I. Woody Plants

a. Identification of Pennsylvania trees and shrub species
b. Growth and life cycles of woody plants
c. Habitat relationships of plants.

II. Forest Ecology

a. Forest types
b. Vertical structure
c. Succession
d. Plant communities as wildlife habitat
e. Biodiversity

III. Forest Resource Management and Protection

a. Forest conditions
b. Forest land ownership
c. Benefits of recreation, wildlife, watershed quality and forest products
d. Resource evaluation and management practices
e. Regulations
f. Pests and disease
g. Fire

IV. Community Forestry

a. Benefits of trees in urban and suburban communities
b. Planting and maintenance of community trees
c. Municipal tree programs