Penn's Woods:

An Auto Tour of Old Growth Forests

Located primarily in north-central Pennsylvania, the twenty sites on the Auto Tour of Old Growth Forests represent many different ecosystems, not only deep classic "big tree" forests. Most of the sites are within what is known as the Lumber Heritage Region, the 15 counties from which most of the timber resources were extracted in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Much of this area has now once more become a heavily wooded area, with over 2.5 million acres of Federal and State forests.

Learn more about what old-growth means and see how and why these particular sites were chosen for the tour. We'll explain the principles on which those choices were based and some of the history of Pennsylvania's magnificent forests.


North West Area

Anders Run Natural Area, Hearts Content (ANF), Tionesta National Scenic Area, Cook Forest State Park


North Central Area

Quehanna Wild Area, Wykoff Run Natural Area, Johnson Run Natural Area, Lower Jerry Natural Area, Bucktail State Park, Cranberry Swamp, Natural/Old Growth Area Sproul State Forest, Forrest H Druttlinger Natural Area



North Area

Pine Creek Gorge, Bark Cabin Natural Area, Lumber Museum


South Central Area

Hook Natural Area, Snyder Middleswarth Natural Area, Tall Timbers Natural Area, Detweiler Run Natural Area, Bear Meadows Natural Area, Alan Seeger Natural Area



Into The Woods

This presentation highlights some of the features you will see when traveling to old growth areas of Pennsylvania.  Due to the large size of this file, it is recommended for high-speed internet access only.  Adobe PDF (5.9 Mb)