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North Central Area

b1Quehanna Wild Area, Wykoff Run Natural Area

wykoffTravel west from Renovo 23.8 miles to a bridge left (south) across Sinnemahoning Creek. This is Wykoff Run Road, which winds up along a lovely small stream and through the steep-sided ravine of Wykoff Run up to the plateau in the most unpopulated area of the entire state. The Quehanna Wild Area is a 48,000-acre almost circular patch of small second-growth mixed hard wood forest. Wykoff Run Natural Area is a 1,215 acre patch within the Wild Area, at the headwaters of Wykoff Run, the stream which heads northeastward back down to Sinnemahoning Creek. One of the notable features of the natural area is a large stand of paper birch, giving the impression of a much more northerly forest. A reliable place to find snow for cross-country skiing is the Quehanna Cross-Country Ski Trail which goes through the heart of the natural area. There are large open meadows too, which support exceptional wildflowers in spring and summer.

Access Details

From Sinnemahoning, travel east on PA Rt 120 for approximately 0.6 miles. Turn right (south) on Wykoff Run Road and travel for approximately 9 miles to the Quehanna Highway. The Wykoff Run Natural Area is immediately to your northwest at this intersection. The Quehanna Wild Area is a semi-circle surrounding you on the north, west and east, but not the south.