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North West Area


a1Anders Run Natural Area

andersrunThe Anders Run Natural area is only 96 acres, but it contains many old-growth white pines, some over 4 feet DBH. (Note: the term "diameter at breast height" or DBH is used by foresters to define tree size, along with height. DBH is the tree diameter measured about four feet off the ground.) Like other accessible timber stands in the upper Allegheny River watershed, the original forest cover was logged sometime in the first two decades of the 1800s. Growth ring counts of wind-thrown trees indicated an age between 200 and 225 years. There is a walking trail system almost two miles long through the area. There is a native trout stream and several fine stands of wildlfowers. There is an historic residence on the property built in 1841, known as the "Little Stone House."

andersrun02Access Details

Near Warren, take US Rt 6 west to US Rt. 62, exit heading south on 62. Take first hard surfaced road right. Sign says: Buckaloons Recreation Area. Follow road west for about 1 mile, cross Brokenstraw Creek and turn left (south) on Dunns Eddy Road. After about 1 mile you will see a sign and a small parking area on the left.