Wild Plants

DCNR’s mission under the Wild Resource Conservation Act includes monitoring, classifying and conserving native wild plants.  The Bureau of Forestry accomplishes these goals through cooperation with landowners, education programs and regulatory action.

Showy Lady's Slipper

Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants

Learn more about Pennsylvania's rarest and most significant native wild plants.

Red Maple Tree

Common Trees of Pennsylvania

Learn how to identify the trees of Penn's Woods. Download "Common Trees of PA" and other tree ID resources.




Landscaping with Native Plants

Native plants help create beautiful landscapes that provide wildlife habitat and reduce maintenance costs. Download the new Landscaping with Native Plants brochure.

Garlic Mustard

Invasive Plants

Invasive plants displace native species causing harm to the environment, economy and human health.



Plant Communities

Learn about the typical forest types and plant communities of Pennsylvania.

Eupatorium at Scarlett Wildflower sanctuary

Wild Plant Sanctuaries

Learn how you can protect the special plant communities on your land. Enroll in the Wild Plant Sanctuary program.


Ginseng plant with berries


Find out more about the ecology, cultivation and dealer licensing of economically valuable plants like Ginseng.

sf-sm trilium

Native Planting and Seeding

Guidelines for using native warm season grasses, wildflowers, shrubs and trees within forest and grassland habitats