Invasive Plant Management Tutorial

Invasive plants are those that are not native to an area and can cause harm to the environment, to the economy or to human health. While not all non-native plant species are invasive, some can really do damage to our public and private lands. Invasive plants are highly adaptable to different habitats, grow quickly or produce abundant seeds, are difficult to eradicate and can negatively impact our native species. This tutorial provides a “one-stop shop” for anyone who is interested in preventing, managing and controlling invasive plants.

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What is an Invasive Species?

Here you will find a basic definition of an invasive and the characteristics that make it so.


Impacts of Invasive Plants

Invasive plants are a considerable threat to biodiversity and the economy.



Prevention and Early Detection

The most effective and economical approach to managing invasive plants is to prevent their invasion in the first place. A sound early detection program can help you prevent serious infestations.

rules and regulations

Laws and Regulations

Some invasive plants are regulated species. Be sure you know what you are dealing with and what laws pertain to the species before any management takes place.


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Management Tools

There are a variety of ways to control invasive plants and the tools will depend on the species. Learn about your options here.

Plan writing

Management Planning

Management plans help you determine a time schedule for control work, choose the most effective tools, and make better use of your time.




Ecological restoration is an intentional activity that initiates or accelerates the recovery of an ecosystem with respect to its health and integrity.