Visitor Use Monitoring Surveys

Visitor Use Monitoring (VUM) surveys are conducted by Penn State University to complete a systematic approach for answering questions about Pennsylvania State Forest and State Park visitors. Pennsylvania is the first and only State Forest system to adopt this approach from the US Forest Service for monitoring recreational use. These reports are part of a current 5-year agreement with Penn State University which will evaluate 10 State Forest Districts and 30 State Parks. Previous surveys were also completed for the Bald Eagle, Tiadaghton and Tioga State Forests.

The objectives of the study are:

  • To conduct surveys of visitors to selected Pennsylvania State Forest and State Park areas and develop a visitor profile
  • To measure overall recreation use and specific visitation patterns within the selected State Forests and State Parks
  • To identify visitor expectations and levels of satisfaction with various aspects of their visit
  • To examine visitor opinions about possible future area management and facility development decisions
  • To examine visitor reactions to Marcellus gas activities and the impacts of these activities on recreational visitation patterns and experiences
  • To measure visitor expenditures and levels of economic impact on surrounding communities

Participating forests and completed reports include:

 Study Year Forest Evaluated Report
 1999Bald Eagle Completed
 2008Tioga & Tiadaghton Completed
 2011-12Sproul & Susquehannock Completed
 2012-13Forbes & Delaware Completed
 2013-14Tioga & Tiadaghton Completed
 2014-15Elk & Moshannon Completed



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