How to get involved

ATV/Snowmobile club information
Many local clubs and organizations have formed to promote ATV and snowmobile riding across the state. To find out about the nearest organization near you, contact the Pennsylvania State Snowmobile Association at 1-888-411-PSSA or the Pennsylvania Off-Highway Vehicle Association (PaOHV) at

DCNR grant opportunities
DCNR can use money from fees and fines collected to award grants to municipalities and organizations (profit and nonprofit) for snowmobile and ATV use on lands not owned by the Commonwealth. Grants may be used to buy land; develop plans and surveys; construct and maintain snowmobile and ATV trails and parks; buy equipment; and conduct training relating to snowmobile and ATV use. The grant application period typically is open from August through October of each year, with grants awarded early in the year. For more information or how to apply for a grant, contact (717) 783-2661

Volunteer opportunities
DCNR has an extensive Conservation Volunteer Program where thousands of volunteers each year help improve Pennsylvania State Parks and State Forests. From maintaining trails, to planting trees, these volunteers donate a little of their time to give back something to the lands they enjoy. ATV and snowmobile enthusiasts are among this vast volunteer base. If you would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities on State Park and State Forest lands, contact your local State Park or State Forest district.

Snowmobile/ATV Advisory Committee
The Snowmobile/ATV law established a new 17-member advisory committee that advises DCNR on matters concerning the implementation of the Snowmobile/ATV Law. A board of directors works with committee members to establish priority issues for the ATV and snowmobile communities. For more information on the committee, contact Lowell Morton, chair of the committee, for snowmobile-related questions, and Jack Clark, vice chair, for ATV-related questions.