Mountain Biking

State forest map

State Forests

Detailed maps of each state forest and the riding opportunities they have to offer.


There are 11 state forests that maintain 447 miles of designated trails for mountain bicycling along with another 3,353 miles that are open for their use. Download a PDF summary factsheet.

About the Trails

Many rail trails have been developed for mountain biking on abandoned railroad grades throughout the state, and many transect the state forests. Some have been surfaced specifically for this use and the cyclist does not have to worry about motorized vehicles on these trails. Some rail trails, such as the 62-mile Pine Creek rail trail, have developed trailheads and camping facilities. Most of these trails also have specific trail maps developed for users. Maps for trails within the state forests are available from state forest offices.

Most state forest trails also permit mountain biking. Those not permitting mountain bikes will be posted as closed to that activity. Some state forests have produced maps either specifically for mountain biking or for specific trail systems that are multi-use trails.

Many of the most popular trails for mountain biking are also popular trails for other activities such as hiking and horseback riding.  By following a few simple guidelines on Trail etiquette everyone can enjoy the many trails state forests have to offer. Be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles so that others can enjoy the same riding experiences.