Horseback Riding


Thunder Mountain Equestrian Trail - Changes Forthcoming

Changes to the Thunder Mountain Equestrian Trail in Elk State Forest will safeguard natural resources and enhance the experience of all horseback riders.


Equestrian Trails

Discover state forest trails that are specially designated for equestrian use.

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Ride Smart

Learn the best ways to have a safe and enjoyable trip in the saddle.


State forests have almost unlimited opportunities for horseback riding which has become a rapidly growing activity.  Twelve state forests maintain over 3,000 miles of shared-use trails that can be explored on horseback.  In addition, 1.9 million acres is available for cross-country riding. Only Natural Areas, Keystone Hiking Trails and certain other areas posted closed are off limits to equestrians. 

Many of the trails on state forest lands are designed for shared use.  Click here for information on proper Trail Etiquette.

Other Opportunities

Countless other riding opportunities exist within almost all state forests. For details on available trails, facilities and access, contact the state forest office of your choosing.

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