Snow covered section of the North Country Trail

National Scenic Trails

Pennsylvania features all or portions of three National Scenic Trails.

Hiker standing on the Ravern's Horn rock

State Forest Hiking Trails

Our state forests abound with amazing hiking opportunities.

State forest trail on a frosty morning

Additional Trails

Our state forests feature several hundred miles of additional trails for not only hiking but everything from snowmobiling and all-terrain vehicle riding to horseback riding and cross country skiing. For more detailed information on what each district has to offer please visit Find a Forest. For information on trail marking click here.


State forests offer tremendous opportunities for the hiking enthusiast with a wide range of trails covering all types of terrain at a variety of difficulty levels. Hiking trails in state forests are divided into four categories: National Scenic, State Forest Hiking Trails, local district trails and interpretive tails.

Many state forest trails are considered "shared-use," which means that they are open to hiking, horseback riding, crosscountry skiing, and snowmobiling.  By following a few simple guidelines on Trail Etiquette everyone can enjoy the many trails state forests have to offer. Be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles so that future trail visitors can enjoy the same hiking experience.

For the hiking enthusiast that wants a true challenge, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Bureau of Forestry has teamed up with the Keystone Trails Association in recognizing any hiker who completes the entire 798 miles of the State Forest Hiking Trail system with the coveted State Forest Trails Award.