Donut Hole Trail

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The Donut Hole Trail heads north from Bucktail State Park through Kettle Creek State Park towards Tamarack. It then turns south in the Sproul State Forest towards Hyner, passing through Hyner Run State Park before continuing south to Farrandsville.

This red blazed cross country trail traverses the northern most part of the Sproul State Forest. The western terminus is located along the Montour Road about one fourth mile north of PA State Route 120. The eastern terminus is located in Hyner Run State Park. The Donut Hole and Susquehannock Trail share a common path from the mouth of Porter Branch to the Fork Hill Road. At that point the trails split. The Susquehannock Trail goes north and the Donut Hole Trail goes south. During this shared use the trails are marked with orange blazes.

In cooperation with DCNR, sections of this trail are maintained, in part, by volunteers from the Keystone Trails Association.


Trail Stats

Nearby City: Tamarack, Farrandsville, PA   Length: 90 total miles   Skill level: Moderate to Strenuous
Trail type: Point-to-point