Map of Pennsylvania showing state forest hiking trails

State Forest Hiking Trails

Pennsylvania's State Forests are premier hiking destinations and offer trails that cover a variety of terrain and all difficulty levels.

Moss-covered fallen trees along the Black Forest Trail

Black Forest Trail

This is a true wilderness hike deep within the Tioga and Tiadaghton State Forests.

trilium flower

Bucktail Path

Rise to challenge of the Bucktail that lies within the heart of the Elk State Forest.


Waterfalls near the Chuck Keiper Trail

Chuck Keiper Trail

This 53-mile trail covers some breathtaking views in the Sproul State Forest.

Stream bank near the donut hole trail

Donut Hole Trail

This 90-mile trail is sure to challenge even the experienced hiker.


Scenic view near Baker Trail

Baker Trail

Part of this historic trail traverses the beautiful Clear Creek State Forest.

Hiker on Raven's Horn rock on the Golden Eagle Trail

Golden Eagle Trail

This trail provides some stunning views of the Pine Creek valley within the Tiadaghton State Forest.  Enjoy the view from the Raven's Horn.


Small stream near John Saylor Trail

John P. Saylor Trail

This scenic trek covers 18 miles within the Gallitzin State Forest.

Trees in fall colors close to Lost Turkey Trail

Lost Turkey Trail

This creatively named trail covers 26 miles, nine of which are in the Gallitzin State Forest.


View from scenic vista along Loyalsock Trail

Loyalsock Trail

Walk among some of the most picturesque settings you'll find anywhere on this trail that lies within its namesake, the Loyalsock State Forest.

View from scenic vista along the Mid State Trail

Mid State Trail

This famous trail will take the adventerous spirit through portions of five different state forests.


Large hemlock tree

Old Loggers Path

This premier trail covers 27 miles within the heart of the Loyalsock State Forest.

Tree in fall colors

Pinchot Trail

This trail is named after former PA Governor and conservationist Gifford Pinchot and covers 23 miles within the Pinchot State Forest.


View of Quehanna Trail head sign with backdrop of trees in fall colors

Quehanna Trail

For a true backcountry wilderness experience it doesn't get much better than this 75-mile trail that will take the adventerous deep within the Moshannon and Elk State Forests.

Hikers on trail

Rocky Knob Trail

This is the perfect shorter hike for someone looking for a taste of what the Michaux State Forest has to offer.


Snow covered area near Susquehannock Trail

Susquehannock Trail

The vast majority of this challenging hiking experience is within the big woods country of the Susquehannock State Forest.

View of trail through the forest

Thunder Swamp Trail

Half of this trail that covers a variety of habitats and terrain lies within the Delaware State Forest.


Trail with trees in fall colors

Tuscarora Trail

This challenging hike will take you up and over some of the ridges of the Buchanan and Tuscarora State Forests.

View from West Rim Trail vista

West Rim Trail

This trail provides some truly breathtaking views of the famed Pennsylvania Grand Canyon within the Tioga State Forest.