Rocky Knob Trail

The rocky Knob trail is a loop trail approximately four miles in length. The road portion of this trail was constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corp in 1937. They attempted to build a road connecting the Ridge Road with Birch Run Road, but were thwarted in their attempt by the rugged geology of the area.

In 1976, the Youth Conservation Corp (Y.C.C.) constructed a trail which begins along the northern portion of this road. It traverses a variety of scenic areas including Rocky Knob and connects back to the road at the southern end. During the summer of 1977, the Y.C.C. developed numbered stations showing various points of interest for the hikers of this trail.

The Rocky Knob trail is blazed in orange.


Trail Stats

Nearby City: Caledonia, PA   Length: 4 miles   Skill level: Easy to Moderate
Trail type: Loop