State Forest Leased Campsites


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Bureau of Forestry's leased campsite program.


Resources for Camp Lessees

Do you have a leased campsite with the Bureau of Forestry? Find answers and resources to help with your leased campsite questions.  Many answers can also be found in the Guidelines For Leased Forest Campsites


Information for Realtors

When buying and selling a cabin on leased state forest land, there are a few things that make it different from a typical sale. The buyer needs to be aware of these factors before they agree to purchase.


DCNR Bureau of Forestry maintains more than 4,000 leased campsites across Pennsylvania. A State Forest Leased Campsite is a small parcel of state forest land (approximately 1/4 acre) that is leased to an individual or to a group of individuals to maintain a cabin solely for recreational purposes.

DCNR stopped leasing campsites in 1970, but existing leases are still utilized by the public.

If you already have a lease with us you can find helpful information about your lease by clicking on the link to the right.