Resources for Campsite Lessees

Do you have a leased campsite with the Bureau of Forestry? Find answers and resources to help with your leased campsite questions.

The links below list categories in which you will find the answers you seek. We know you may have more questions than we can answer here so feel free to contact the Leased Campsite Administrator at the forest district office where your campsite is located with any questions or concerns.  Many answers can also be found in the Guidelines For Leased Forest Campsites



Managing Your Lease

Review the responsibilities and legal requirements of a leased campsite owner. Understand the requirements of your campsite lease and how to renew.


Changing Ownership

Guidelines for selling your camp, changing your group agent or transferring the camp to another person.



Fees and Taxes

Provides information on paying your lease, as well as taxes for which you are responsible.


Making Improvements

What is needed before adding additions or out buildings, roofs and general maintenance.



Water and Septic

Understand what can and cannot be done involving water and septic on your campsite lease


Miscellaneous Lease Info

Other information on your leased campsite.