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Being a volunteer Search and Rescue  team member can be very rewarding but it is also very hard work and should not be taken lightly.
1. Rescue work is not glamorous. It is usually only plain, hard work.

2. There are no regular hours on a search. Working hours are at any time and for as long as anything worthwhile can be accomplished.

3. It will not always be possible to return to headquarters or a restaurant at mealtime, or to a cabin at night. Each time a team goes into the field, they must be willing and physically prepared to spend the night in the field if the situation so demands. Arrive prepared to be self-sustained for 24 hours.

4. A team assigned to a search mission will work as directed by the Incident Commander in charge.

5. The most important factor in a search mission is its accomplishment, and not by whom it is accomplished.

6. The professional application of skills and techniques and practice of safety standards is mandatory in the performance of any and all search tasks.

In order to become a SAR volunteer, one must understand its definition: an unselfish giving of oneself in order to help another in need. If you are willing to sacrifice your own needs for that of another you are ready to become a SAR volunteer.


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