A person who sells snowmobiles in Pennsylvania must be registered with the DCNR as a dealer. A dealer pays $25 to register and in return receives an annual dealer registration certificate containing a dealer registration number and expiration date, along with three dealer plates and cards.

A registered dealer must display the DCNR-issued registration certificate at the place of business.

A snowmobile used by a dealer in conjunction with the business must display a valid dealer registration plate. The dealer vehicle can only be used for the purpose of demonstration or testing in connection with the dealership.

What to expect from a dealer
A dealer can process your registration and titling application, along with fees and any other paperwork, with DCNR. By law, the application must be submitted to DCNR within 15 days from the date of purchase. A dealer's registration can be suspended or revoked if the dealer does not comply with this requirement.

A reputable dealer should provide you with operational instructions for the vehicle; instructions on where to obtain safety training; and places you can legally ride your vehicle.

Where to direct consumer complaints
If you believe you have been treated unfairly, or suspect unfair business practices, report your experiences to the state Office of Attorney General or to DCNR