Snowmobile Registration, Titling, and Insurance

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Who must register and title?
All snowmobiles in Pennsylvania need to be registered and titled with DCNR. Snowmobiles used in Pennsylvania must be registered and titled with DCNR's Snowmobile/ATV Section. The snowmobile registration and titling fees are NOT user fees for the privilege of using trails on state-owned land. The fees provide funding to administer the program, maintain trails on DCNR-managed parks and forests, and provide grants to profit and non-profit organizations for developing additional riding opportunities.

Two types of registrations apply:

For snowmobiles used anywhere off of your own property or property leased by you, such as designated State Forest trails

  • $20 fee every two years


Limited registration
For snowmobiles used solely on your own land or land leased by you

  • Free registration
  • No expiration, unless ownership of vehicle changes


Pennsylvania registration is NOT required for:
Snowmobiles owned by nonresidents covered by a valid registration in their state, province or country that honors Pennsylvania registration;

Snowmobiles owned and used by a federal, state or local government body;

  • Snowmobiles owned by a dealer who has been issued a dealer registration certificate and used only in connection with the dealer's business.


Titling is NOT required for:
Snowmobiles bought or acquired prior to Oct. 23, 2001;

Snowmobiles owned and used by a federal, state or local government body;

  • Snowmobiles owned by a dealer before and until sale;
  • Snowmobiles owned by a nonresident;
  • Snowmobiles owned by a Pennsylvania resident, but registered and used in another state.


Titling: $22.50

  • Registration: $20, for a two-year period
  • Limited registration: Free
  • Replacement of lost or damaged registration certificate, limited registration certificate, registration decal, registration plate or expiration sticker: $5
  • Transfer of registration to a new machine by the same owner: $5
  • Dealer registration: $25


Plates and decals
Snowmobile owners will be issued two identical registration decals and two expiration stickers to be affixed to the machine.

How to register and title your snowmobile
If you purchase your vehicle at a registered dealer, you will be issued a temporary registration decal. The dealer will handle your application for title and registration.

Applications for registration and titling of ATVs and snowmobiles are available from the Snowmobile/ATV Registration Section, ATV and snowmobile dealers, forest district offices, and State Park offices.

The registration and titling application form must be completed and sent to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Snowmobile/ATV Registration Section, P.O. Box 8553, Harrisburg, PA 17105-8553, along with the registration and titling fees and sales tax statement.

Liability Insurance
If you are using your snowmobile solely on land owned or leased by you, you are not required to get liability insurance. All other riders must carry liability insurance. Proof of that insurance must be carried with you when you ride. There are no minimum requirements or coverage standards established by DCNR or the Snowmobile/ATV Law for the liability insurance.

How to transfer title/ownership of your vehicle
If you are transferring the title of your snowmobile to a new owner, complete the assignment on the back of the certificate of title and obtain notarization. The new owner must then apply for a new certificate of title and registration in his/her name. DO NOT REMOVE THE REGISTRATION DECAL OR PLATE FROM THE MACHINE.

Registration cannot be transferred from one owner to the next. If you no longer need registration because you have disposed of your vehicle in some way, complete the reverse side of your certificate of registration indicating the disposition status, listing buyer's name (if applicable), signing, dating and returning to DCNR within 15 days of disposition.

You may request the remaining months of your current registration be applied to a new registration of another vehicle that you have acquired. The fee for this transaction is $5.

Changes of Address
You must notify DCNR's Snowmobile/ATV Section in writing of any change of address within 15 days.