Requesting Right-Of-Ways on State Forest Lands

With the current boom in the energy industry, infrastructure and capacity are expanding across the nation to keep up with production activity. The rising interest in energy resources has generated an increase in right-of-way (ROW) requests across Pennsylvania's 2.1 million acres of state forest land.

The Bureau of Forestry (BOF) has legal authority to issue ROW's across it's lands. In an effort to handle the increased volume of requests, and to clarify the request process, the BOF has developed criteria and procedures required in obtaining a ROW agreement.


The criteria and procedures used by the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources for rights-of-way on State Forest and State Park lands were developed in cooperation with agency partners and stakeholders.

sf-row3Stakeholder groups involved included:

  • DCNR Conservation and Natural Resources Advisory Council (CNRAC)
  • DCNR Ecosystem Management Advisory Committee (EMAC)
  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission – Office of Energy Projects
  • Independent Oil & Gas Association of PA (IOGA of PA)
  • Marcellus Shale Committee
  • National Park Service
  • PA Game Commission
  • PA Oil & Gas Association (POGAM)
  • PA Public Utility Commission (PUC)
  • PA State Association of Township Supervisors


Comments and questions from the public were also accepted through direct submissions to the Department. Summaries of the types of comments received are posted on the Bureau of Forestry website for public review.

Summary of Comments that the DCNR received in response to changes proposed to the agency’s review and administration of right-of-way proposals across State Forest and State Park lands.

Information about various aspects of rights-of-way development are provided in the following documents:

Application & Review Process (639 Kb)
ROW Rates (852 Kb)
Siting Guidelines (5.1 Mb)
Invasive Plants (425 Kb)
Field Operations (23 Kb)
ROW Revegetation Plan (1.2 Mb)