State Assessment Appendices

Appendix A-Stakeholder Engagement

Appendix B-Other Plans Incorporated in the Statewide Assessment and Strategy

Appendix C-Glossary of Acronyms

Appendix 4D1-Projected Habitat Maps for Pennsylvania for 36 Tree Species (Softwoods)

Appendix 4D2-Projected Habitat Maps for Pennsylvania for 36 Tree Species (Hardwoods)

Appendix 4H-State Wildlife Action Plan Summaries

Appendix 5A-Priority Landscapes GIS Analysis Methodology

Appendix 5B-Priority Landscapes GIS Analysis Data Sets

Appendix 5C-Forest Legacy Statewide Assessment of Need

Appendix 5D-Pennsylvania Forest Legacy Program Guide Book

Appendix 5E-Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania Highlands Multi-State Priority Area

Appendix 5F-Chesapeake Bay Watershed Multi-State Priority Area Forestry Considerations

Appendix 5G-Multi-State Regional Priorities Brief: The Delaware River

Appendix 5H-Great Lakes Multi-State Priority Area

Appendix 5I-The Ohio River Basin Multi-State Priority Area

Appendix 5J-I-95 Corridor Northeast and Mid Atlantic Megaregion Multi-State Priority Area

Appendix 5K-Appalachian Region Multi-State Priority Area