Pennsylvania Forest Action Plan

Pennsylvania's nearly 17 million acres of forest provide an array of values including clean air and water, recreation opportunities, wood products and habitat for thousands of plants and animals. Taking stock of the forest is necessary for ensuring its sustainability for future generations. The Pennsylvania Forest Action Plan takes an in depth look at the state's forest resources and was completed as a requirement for the Farm Bill. It is seperated into two parts. One is the current assessment of the forest and the other includes the strategies to implement the plan. These documents describe current forest conditions and trends, indentify priority issues, delineate important landscapes and propose long-term strategies for achieving sustainability.

sf-sm-statewide assessment

State Assessment

Statewide analysis of Pennsylvania forest resource conditions and trends, including priority issues and landscapes.


State Assessment Appendices

Check out the maps referenced in the State Assessment.




Strategies define the plan to address the issues identified in the State Assessment, including leveraging Federal, state and partner funds and resources.


Priority Landscape Interactive Map

Explore this interactive map that was developled for the state assessment and identifies priority landscapes in Pennsylvania.



Forest Action Plan Website

Visit the homepage for Forest Action Plans and see what states are doing to address to critical issues.