2016 State Forest Resource Management Plan

The State Forest Resource Management Plan (SFRMP) is the primary instrument that the bureau uses to plan, coordinate, and communicate its management of the state forest system. By relating the broad policies of the bureau’s strategic plan to focused goals and objectives and specific operational guidelines, the SFRMP lays the groundwork for ensuring the overarching goal of state forest management—sustainability—is achieved. The Bureau of Forestry developed its first written statewide forest management plan for Pennsylvania’s State Forests in 1955. This plan was subsequently revised in 1970, 1985, 2003 and 2007.  The 2016 SFRMP revision continues the agency's ongoing adaptation to changing ecological, social and economic conditions.

Public involvement is a critical component of the Bureau of Forestry’s planning process. The bureau received comments from nearly 4,800 people during the four-month public comment period on the draft SFRMP. This critical input is reflected in the final 2016 SFRMP, and a comment response document has been prepared to address the most common concerns and ideas received from the public. Please see the links below for more information about the SFRMP.


2016 SFRMP

Copies of all its supporting documents are also provided. The low res. version is available here.


Summary Presentation on the Plan

Watch the introductory presentation of the draft SFRMP given at public meetings across the state. 


Plan writing

State Forester's Letter

The State Forester has prepared a letter  introducing the SFRMP. 


News Release 

This is the bureau's news release regarding the 2016 SFRMP 


Autumn leaves are reflected in a lake at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, Pennsylvania.

Significant Changes Summary 

The Significant Changes Summary document summarizes the changes in the 2016 SFRMP relative to 2007 version and 2015 draft.


Responses to Public Comments

View the bureau's responses to commonly received public comments.