State Forest Resource Management Plan


2016 SFRMP

View the plan, State Forester’s letter, news release, changes summary, and responses to public comment.


2007 Update Document

This document addresses key updates made in 2007 to the State Forest Resource Management Plan.  Supporting documents are available here.


State Forest Resource Management Plan (2003)

The State Forest Resource Management Plan guides the management of the 2.2 million-acre state forest system. Visit the link above for the web version of the plan, or download the entire document in PDF format here


The overarching goal of state forest management is to manage the state forests sustainably under sound ecosystem management, to retain their wild character and maintain biological diversity while providing pure water, emphasizing opportunities for dispersed recreation, habitats for plants and animals, sustained yields of quality timber, and environmentally sound utilization of mineral resources.  Management of state forests is guided by Penn's Woods, the Bureau's strategic plan and the State Forest Resource Management Plan.