State Forest Timber Stumpage Sales


Bid Openings

Currently available timber sale bids listed by county.

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Recently Opened Bids

A complete listing of recently opened bids.


State Forest "Well Managed" Certification

DCNR is proud of its third-party certified state forest system. Learn more about what certification means to our environment and economy.


The Bureau of Forestry manages state forest lands for many uses. One of those uses is for sustained yields of quality timber. The purpose of this page is to provide updated information on timber sales on state forest land.  

Timber Sale Information

Contact information for individual sales can be located within that sale's prospectus.

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Please be sure to read this important information about Bidding and Performance Requirements.


No-Bid Sales

No-Bid Sales are timber sales that did not receive a bid that exceeded the predetermined minimum bid value. These sales are available for purchase. Because the bid opening date for these sales has passed, certain information in the prospectus will be out of date. For current information on a particular no-bid sale please contact the state forest district where the sale is located.