Peck's Pond Survey

Lake management on State Forest lands requires integrating proper water quality, wildlife, plant, and fisheries management to promote the natural resources of each lake while allowing for recreational opportunities for the public.   Sound science and thoughtful recreation planning are used to guide management decisions at each lake found within State Forest boundaries. There is a need for thorough, scientifically-valid management at Pecks Pond. The Bureau of Forestry’s goal at Pecks Pond is to improve recreational opportunities while sustaining the ecological integrity of the lake ecosystem.
This survey provides an opportunity for users of Peck’s Pond to provide feedback regarding their recreational activities and experience at the lake.  The Bureau intends to evaluate this information to better inform our planning and discussions regarding future management of Peck’s Pond.  Feedback by state forest users by July 11th, 2014 is appreciated so immediate analysis of the data can take place; however, this survey will remain open through December 31, 2014. 
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