Penn Nursery

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Spring Mills, PA 16875
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The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Bureau of Forestry manages a program of raising and selling forest tree seedlings that Pennsylvania landowners can purchase for watershed protection, wood products, soil erosion control, reclamation of areas affected by open pit mining, or wildlife food and cover.

Why plant forest trees?

If you own land that is unsuited to agriculture or any acreage not in use, planting these sites with tree seedlings would benefit you, the landowner, in your lifetime. Also, as generations before us left a legacy of forested areas, you could leave renewable resources for future generations.

Planted tree seedlings increase land values for the landowner and enhance all community values.

Seedlings planted now eventually will become forests. These forests provide many benefits, some of which are:

  • Erosion Control
  • Wildlife food and cover
  • Timber and pulpwood
  • Natural beauty
  • Recreation
  • Rehabilitation of strip mined sites
  • Conservation of water supplies


Forests are directly and indirectly responsible for many jobs in the state of Pennsylvania, maybe one of which you depend on for a living. A large work force is directly sustained through pulpwood and timber harvesting, in lumber and paper mills, in wood manufacturing plants, etc. Mant jobs are indirectly supported by our forests through activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, snowmobiling, picnicking, paper-recycling, etc.

Who may purchase seedlings from State Forest tree nurseries?

Pennsylvania landowners (person, partnership or corporation) may purchase seedlings from the Bureau of Forestry's tree nursery if they sign an agreement to abide by the restrictions of the program. The landowner must have sufficient open ground to plant the minimum order of seedlings as specified in the nursery stock availability tables. The seedlings can not be used for Christmas trees or for ornamental purposes.

All growing stock purchased under the agreement signed by the landowner must:

  • Be planted in Pennsylvania
  • Be planted on the area designated on the application form
  • Be used for watershed protection, wood products, soil erosion control, reclamation of areas affected by open pit mining, or wildlife food and cover
  • Not be sold with roots attached
  • Additionally, seedlings may not be used for Christmas trees, hedges, table trees, potted trees, shade or for ornamental uses. (Exception: Trees may be planted for shade or ornamental use on State or Federal lands, public school grounds or along State highways.)


If you are interested in purchasing seedlings, please complete the following steps:

1. Read the FAQ about purchasing seedlings
2. Check for nursery stock availability
3. Read instructions for completing the nursery stock application
4. Print the nursery stock application
5. Mine Operators Information