Penn Nursery and Wood Shop

Named after William Penn, DCNR-Bureau of Forestry’s Penn Nursery and Wood Shop, is located in the seven mountains region of central Pennsylvania. The nursery began in 1908 in a potato patch at the rear of forest ranger W.F. McKinney’s residence. It produced seedlings needed to replant land denuded by timbering and subsequent forest fires which scoured Penn’s Woods in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. 

Initially propagating mostly conifers, Penn nursery evolved into a transplant nursery producing thousands of seedlings for beautification of Pennsylvania highways in the 1950’s and finally progressing into a robust bareroot nursery producing over 35 different species of native conifers, hardwoods and shrubs for reforestation projects on State Forest and State Park lands.

The Nursery’s goal is to propagate the finest tree/shrub seedlings available for reforestation and wildlife enhancement projects on Commonwealth properties. Nursery and Forest District staff coordinate the selection, harvesting and collection of millions of tree/shrub seeds from State forest trees and orchards across the Commonwealth to preserve and maintain genetic diversity.

In addition to previously established tree seed orchards developed in the 70’s and 80’s, Penn nursery continues to establish new orchards with potential disease resistance to beech bark disease, butternut canker and others developed through ongoing research.

DCNR's Bureaus of Forestry and State Parks cooperate with U.S. Forest Service Forest Health Monitoring and Protection Programs, and universities across the northern United States to select and breed forest trees that resist disease and pest attacks. 

Wood Shop

Over the years, the Nursery’s operations have expanded to include state of the art sign and picnic table operations. The sign shop provides high quality wood, plastic, and laminated signs to direct visitors through Pennsylvania's State Parks and forest lands. Kiosks designed and fabricated at Penn Nursery enhance DCNR's outdoor education and recreation programs. Wood and metal leg picnic tables used at state forest picnic areas and park lands across Pennsylvania are fabricated at the nursery.

Contact Penn Nursery at:

137 Penn Nursery Road
Spring Mills, PA 16875
(814) 364-5150